Holy Cow now Ongoing in Brazil
Private Draft
carolina arantes
Sep 28, 2015
Dear friends and collegues, 

I'm still in Brazil until mid october working on my ongoing project Holy Cow, about Brazil as one of the main actors in the Meat industry. 

Brazil is the biggest country on meat exportation in the world. One among 4 beefs eaten worldwide is from brazilian origin. My aim is to create a panorama, showing who is and what is happening behind the meat we eat. 

I have been shooting huge farms in Mato Grosso, important farmers and leaders, among others. And had got authorization to enter one of the most important slaughthauses in the country, what was a very difficult task here. 

Holy Cow will be soon completed and I will be delighted to publish this work. 
If you have interest on this publication and want to see the final edition, please, do not hesitate to contact. 

For any other attention in Brazil, please write me. I'll be back to Paris the 13th October. 

Whishing you a great starting week, 

all best,


Carolina Arantes Photography

Carolina is a Brazilian independent photographer based in Paris, France. She pursues documentary stories both in Europe as in Brazil.
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